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Our passion for all things indulgent and love for artistry is the driving force behind Masqa.
Every Masqa creation is a celebration of decadent aromas and rich flavours - all crafted to immerse your senses in a journey like no other.
Every gourmet Masqa morsel is brimming with meaning. A delicious hug; wrapped with pure joy- it's the ultimate indulgent experience encased in a bite!

Why choose masqa?

The beginning of a delicious journey
We began Masqa with the intention to make every moment a celebration. Our team of master bakers, halwais and food enthusiasts assembled to create something thoughtful and delicious by bringing together our expertise.
With a passion to craft products that equal pure indulgence, we created a range of gourmet delicacies that are the perfect addition to any celebration.
Team Masqa


Kavisha Bhansali

Fantastic & exhilarating!!! This is what MASQA equates to! You’ve got to try these preparations.

29 December 2022

Ashwini Kumar

Masqa all the way! I was gifted with these chocolate coated blueberries that come in handy tin packaging unstoppable munchies on the go. Love it, looking for new flavours from them.

29 December 2022

Sharanya Parkar

Today I had this Masqa chocolate bar, for a new brand it tastes really yummy and unique in their flavours. I must say they got it right from the word go.

29 December 2022

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